Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Quitting Sugar

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Why Quit Sugar

Since giving up desserts and sugary drinks, I've not only noticed a change in my waist line, but also in my ability to resist temptations to overeat.

Empty Calories 

I'm eating a reduced calorie diet (1300 - 1500 calories a day depending on my level of activity) and so it's important to maximize the satiety to calorie ratio so hunger doesn't prevent me from staying within my calorie range and reaching my goal weight. Desserts and other sugary foods add calories to my diet without adding much hunger relief. Therefore, every calorie of sugar I eat is one fewer calorie of something healthy and filling.

Sharp Changes in Blood Glucose

Additionally, desserts and high-sugar foods create spikes in blood glucose, which make it increasingly difficult to practice self-control

I've noticed that since stopping eating desserts, it's been far easier to stay within my calorie range compared to the numerous other attempts I have made at it.

I'm Not Really Quitting Sugar

Sugar exists in lots of foods - fruits, vegetables, wheat, etc. I do not plan to cut out these foods even though they contain sugar. What I am cutting out are desserts, candy, sweetened drinks, fruit juices, etc. I am aware that many of the foods I eat contain added sugars - tomato sauce, ketchup, curries, etc. - but for now I'm not planning to cut them out. If and when I plateo with my weight, I will make my diet more exclusive to account for the added sugars in many foods.

Foods High In Sugar That I Am Eating

  • sweet potatoes 
    • sweet potatoes may actually improve blood sugar regulation
  • fruits
  • tomato sauce
  • coconut milk
  • dairy products such as yogurt (whole fat, no added sugar)
  • dark chocolate (at least 90% cocoa)

Calorie-Free Sweeteners 

I'm choosing to not consume artificial sweeteners such as stevia and aspartame. These sweeteners damage the body's signals that recognize calorie consumption with sweet food and drink. In a December 2011 Harvard Health Letter, Dr. David Ludwig suggests that artificial sweeteners can actually make people fatter. 

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  1. Hi, your plan is very good. Actually, in about 8 months just follow those steps in reducing sugar, plus exercise and reducing carbohydrates in about 80%, I've lost 50 pounds.